Cuddy or cubbie

Shetland Museum FIS 2008.111 heather and flos bait kuddiA small basket called a cuddy in Shetland or a cubbie in Orkney used for holding bait. Made of heather, straw or dockens and sometimes with floss (soft rush), in a similar way to a kishie.

Gallery of Cubbies

Cubbie replica by Alisdair Davidson made from heather

Below are some images of cubbie replicas by Alisdair Davidson. Alisdair explained that in Orkney cubbies could be used for carrying, or containing, anything but in the past were often used to keep food, and other items off the floor, …Continue reading “Gallery of Cubbies”

Gallery of Cuddies

Shetland Museum AGR 2012.125 straw bait basket

Some images of cuddies from Shetland