Lifting the tatties at Easter Kellie, Pittenweem, Fife, 1920s. Scottish Life Archive

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Carrying home peat, RR McIan. Taken from Gaelic Gatherings, Am Baile

Crofting is a form of land holding designed to protect tenants and is common in the Western Isles, Skye, Shetland and some areas of the Highlands. Basket making was part of a crofter's life. Willows were grown on every croft and protected from grazing animals, sometimes by stone walls. This was usually done in the winter months…

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Fish selling

The fishing industry  has been a big part of Scotland's employment, and not only for the fishermen, women were the fish sellers taking huge loads on their backs to walk to the towns to the customers.

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A whole variety of baskets were needed for the fishing industry. These ranged from highly adaptable and regionally variable sculls, murlins and rips to very precise and prescriptive herring quarter crans (used for carrying and measuring fish). There were also creels, which fish-wives used to carry on their backs when selling fish, often with rips…

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baskets in military use

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