Grace Darling’s domestic baskets

Grace Darling's purseGrace Darling’s role in saving lives after a shipwreck on the Farne Islands is well known and a National Lifeboat Museum has a collection of items associated with her at Bamburgh.  As well as the fishing cobble in which she and her father rowed out on that stormy night,  two of her baskets have been preserved for posterity.

We have so few baskets surviving from such an early time that these are particularly precious.
Above left is her straw purse, perfectly preserved and below a frame basket made by her brother, now somewhat decayed.

Thanks to the Grace Darling Museum for allowing us to photograph and reproduce these images and Liz Balfour for this post.

Grace Darling brother's basket 1Grace Darling brothers basket 3

Grace Darling brothers basket 2

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