Hen/Ose/ Skye basket

This basket was a form of frame basket made by weaving around several main hoops and added ribs. By Dawn Susan.

A very unusual hen basket?

This basket is made from buff willow. Found in 1972 at the recently abandoned native summer settlement at Fearnbeg, Loch Torridon, the museum notes suggest it was probably for carrying a hen.  

What we know about hen baskets

'Brigitte Bardot' basket by Donald Crawford, Ard Fern

‘Brigitte Bardot’ basket by Donald Crawford, Ard Fern This design is a very widely used and known, and there is some evidence that its origins are Scottish. The design went across the Atlantic with Ulster-Scots immigrants, who continued to use …Continue reading “What we know about hen baskets”

Hen Basket Gallery

Images of hen baskets and a traveller making one See also How to make frame baskets by Dawn Susan