Fruit baskets

Fruit baskets fit into more than one category of basketry. There were large stake and strand baskets used on fruit farms for measuring and transporting large quantities of fruit. There were also factory made lath fruit baskets, called 'chip' baskets or punnets. These were made using machine split wood that was woven and stapled together by hand on a production line. Such baskets were used for taking soft fruit and tomatoes to market for sale. We are still learning about the different kinds of baskets used in fruit production.

Large fruit basket.

This large fruit basket was used at Rosinlee Hospital in the 1930s. It is 17.25 inches high, by 32.25 inches long, and 26.75 inches wide.

Changing fruit baskets

A visit to this year’s Vintage Agricultural Machinery Rally at Strathmiglo brought some unexpected information about fruit baskets. The theme of this year’s Vintage Rally (always chosen to highlight methods of food production), was fruit, which still plays an important …Continue reading “Changing fruit baskets”

Machine-made lath baskets at the Crownpoint Box Factory

A factory manufacturing poplar ‘chip’ baskets from 1890s – 1970s.Continue reading “Machine-made lath baskets at the Crownpoint Box Factory”