A Muirlag, or mudag, is a basket used to keep wool in before carding. These baskets are often rugby ball shaped willow baskets with a rectangular gap through which the wool is taken out for carding. Mudags for keeping wool in are found in other shapes and sizes, and made from other materials, however.

What we know about Mudags/Muirlags

This is another basket which has a whole variety of names. They include muirlag, murlag, crealagh, craidhleag or mudag.   Dwelly’s lists ‘craidhleag’ as an egg shaped basket for balls of worsted. And it has the mudag as a wool …Continue reading “What we know about Mudags/Muirlags”

Making a mudag

The completed mudag

Funny how life sometimes gives us second chances. I was asked by the Highland Folk Museum to make them a mudag a few years ago. I thought it unlikely I would make another but then about a month ago Sheila …Continue reading “Making a mudag”