This type of basket seems to be unique to an area around Arbroath and Montrose. A large frame basket with a strap for carrying it across the shoulders, it was used by Fishwives in a few villages in this area in the same way that back creels were used by women in other east coast villages.  The women carried these baskets full of fish for sale round houses inland. They were also seen with them selling fish in Dundee, the nearest large town.

What We Know About Rips

A rip is the name given to large frame baskets that were used by fishwives instead of the back creel in some East Coast villages. They appear to be unique to the area around Arbroath and Montrose and used by …Continue reading “What We Know About Rips”

Gallery of Rips

A collection of photos of rips from museums and archival images of rips in use.

Arbroath rip

The Arbroath rip, Liz Balfour’s account The Arbroath rip was used by fisherwomen, carried on their backs for selling fish. It was never used at the harbour, but on women’s fish selling rounds or in the market. Rips are bigger …Continue reading “Arbroath rip”

Betty McBay, Johnshaven fishwife

In the 19C and well into the 20C it was common for fisherwomen to make a living by ‘hawking’ fish. That meant they would sell fish from door to door. They carried the fish in great baskets and usually had …Continue reading “Betty McBay, Johnshaven fishwife”