The Highlands include especially those areas north of the Great Glen, such as Inverness-shire, and also parts of Perthshire, Angus, Argyll and associated areas. Basketry heritage of the Highlands is quite sparse. This probably reflects a mixture of historical events, especially the Highland clearances, and also perhaps less possibility for collecting from this area. The Highland region does overlap Western Scotland and part of the Hebrides, and we have special sections for both these regions. In this section, we aim to include Traveller baskets, crofting baskets, riverine fishing and other sporting baskets and general domestic baskets.

Traveller Basket-makers

One of the least known groups of basket-makers in Scotland are the Travelling people. We know from historical accounts by authors such as Timothy Neat and from the School of Scottish Studies Archives that, alongside working as tinsmiths and making …Continue reading “Traveller Basket-makers”