Donald MacDonald. Crofter Creelmaker

Donald died in 2010 in his nineties. He was born on the Isle of Great Bernera but lived much of his life in Gisla, Isle of Lewis after years of being a shepherd on  mainland Scotland. He was taught, like …Continue reading “Donald MacDonald. Crofter Creelmaker”

Baskets in museums on Lewis

Comunn Eachdriadh Ness/ Ness Historical Society Collection, Old School Dell, Lewis

Museum nan Eilean I went to the depository of Museum nan Eilean in February 2012 to see what baskets they had in store there. You need to contact the museum in advance to see these baskets as only a few …Continue reading “Baskets in museums on Lewis”

Baskets and Cereal Grinding. Outer Hebrides

Various woven containers are associated with grinding cereals, whether by hand or in the Norse Mills. 1.Woven sacks or ‘seic’. These were made of ropes of rushes. Various freestanding containers made of docken stalks, straw and marram grass 2. ‘Sasag’, …Continue reading “Baskets and Cereal Grinding. Outer Hebrides”

Creels of Lewis. A comparison of techniques and materials

Creel, mixed dark cane and willow, Ness, Lewis

Westside creels (Shawbost, Barvas, Tolsta Chaolais) Donald Macarthur of Shawbost taught me creel making and his creels are based on his father’s methods. See earlier post on Back/Pony Creels in this section of ‘How to make’ . Malcolm Macarthur was …Continue reading “Creels of Lewis. A comparison of techniques and materials”

Grain sack from South Uist

Similar to the plata-mhuilinn, this South Uist grain sack from Carnan is also woven from bent grass. It has 2 twisted grass handles rather than the eight handles of the Monach Island basket. It is similarly made from one flat …Continue reading “Grain sack from South Uist”