Information from David Chappell

A recent email message from David Chappell, who had been looking at the site, included a photo of his great great grandfather James Yates from Culross making what seem to be round egg or shopping baskets.  Images like this are few and far between and each piece of information about old basket-makers in Scotland is a rare treat.James Yates

David told me that his great great grandfather travelled around and was a Scottish Traveller, possibly a Highland Traveller, though David was not sure. His great great grandfather travelled mainly through Perthshire, Fifeshire and Aberlour areas. He was also a pearl fisherman and berry picker.

“He ended up marrying my grtgrt gran who was a hawker and moving down to Brampton area where they had their children before returning to Scotland settling in Stirling where this photo was taken around 1900/1910 where his occupation was a basketmaker. I think this was taught from his father who was a weaver and ag labourer. We know his wife hawked flowers and think baskets.” This photo was taken in St Johns Street, Stirling. The family know he was at various location through family stories – Perth, Fife, Aberlour, Torryburn, Edinburgh and north east of England mainly border areas.

Old family basket made by James Yates

Old family basket made by James Yates

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