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Fish Selling. Women’s work from north to south

From the 1700s to the 1980s women took fish from the ports, carrying them in various baskets to the towns to sell either door to door or by setting up stalls. In later times some of them used trains and trams. …Continue reading “Fish Selling. Women’s work from north to south”

To the Creel. Fisherrow Fishwives and their baskets.

Margaret Fairnie in working clothes. Fisherrow fishwife.

Women of Fisherrow, as wives, daughters and widows of the men who fished the seas, made their own independent living selling fish house to house on the streets of Edinburgh. Fisherrow is now an integral part of the town of …Continue reading “To the Creel. Fisherrow Fishwives and their baskets.”

Ceramic Fishwives of the Forth Littoral

From about 1750 until the 1930s Scotland’s potteries were producing utilitarian and decorative wares including fishermen and fisherwives.Continue reading “Ceramic Fishwives of the Forth Littoral”

Betty McBay, Johnshaven fishwife

In the 19C and well into the 20C it was common for fisherwomen to make a living by ‘hawking’ fish. That meant they would sell fish from door to door. They carried the fish in great baskets and usually had …Continue reading “Betty McBay, Johnshaven fishwife”