Crofting is a form of land holding designed to protect tenants and is common in the Western Isles, Skye, Shetland and some areas of the Highlands. Basket making was part of a crofter's life. Willows were grown on every croft and protected from grazing animals, sometimes by stone walls. This was usually done in the winter months when there was less work to do. Creel making was taught from father to sons usually, occasionally to daughters. Later as the skills started to die out, individual crofters started to make them for others, and to charge for them.

Donald MacDonald. Crofter Creelmaker

Donald died in 2010 in his nineties. He was born on the Isle of Great Bernera but lived much of his life in Gisla, Isle of Lewis after years of being a shepherd on  mainland Scotland. He was taught, like …Continue reading “Donald MacDonald. Crofter Creelmaker”