Line Baskets

Line baskets were used by fishermen to keep lines, sometimes miles in length, with hooks attached to them which were baited ready for fishing. There was two types of line fishing, small line and great line and different styles of baskets were used for each. The baskets used also varied depending on the region in which they were made and used.See also Great Line Basket and Line Sculls

Great Line Baskets

Great line or gratlin fishing was done in deeper waters than sma’lin fishing often a long way off shore. The boats could be at sea for several days and the lines, several miles long, were baited by the men while …Continue reading “Great Line Baskets”

What we know about line sculls

These frame style line baskets were used all around the coast of Scotland for line fishing. Sometimes they were made quite roughly of willow, as can be seen in examples of ones used in crofting areas of the west coast. …Continue reading “What we know about line sculls”

Gallery of Line Sculls

A collection of pictures of small line sculls held in museums and archival pictures of the sculls in use.

Baskets, Sculls, Long Lines, Short Lines and Great Lines; what terms do we use when?

There often seems to be confusion as to what these terms mean in relation to fishing and the baskets used. What we know is that there was definitely two types of line fishing. As Linda Fitzpatrick describes in her article, …Continue reading “Baskets, Sculls, Long Lines, Short Lines and Great Lines; what terms do we use when?”

Great Line Basket Gallery