Alisdair Davidson

 Alisdair Davidson is a basketmaker who spent several years in the 1990’s researching baskets in Scotland and has helped us considerably with the research for this project.   Originally from Kilbarchan, he worked as a toolmaker in Glasgow before moving …Continue reading “Alisdair Davidson”

Isle of Arran Heritage Museum

Last week I spent a day at Isle of Arran Heritage museum to see what I could find out about the use of baskets on Arran, where I live, and also to see what basketry items they had in their …Continue reading “Isle of Arran Heritage Museum”

Information from David Chappell

A recent email message from David Chappell, who had been looking at the site, included a photo of his great great grandfather James Yates from Culross making what seem to be round egg or shopping baskets.  Images like this are …Continue reading “Information from David Chappell”

Marram Grass Roots as Pot Scrubbers

Marram Grass Pot Scrubber. Uig Historical Society Museum.

  This pot scrubber is in the Uig Historical Society Museum, Isle of Lewis. It was made by taking the roots where the sand had been blown off them on the dunes, and then rubbing them together to from a …Continue reading “Marram Grass Roots as Pot Scrubbers”

Harvesting Gallery

Agriculture Gallery

Fruit Picking Gallery

See also Crown Point fruit box makers

Carrying Peats Gallery

The Great Bernera Ciosan


This ciosan is of particular significance because of it having a handle. It is made of marram grass and we know that this marram grass was harvested off the north side of Great Bernera on the Isle of Kealasay. There was …Continue reading “The Great Bernera Ciosan”