Woven Communities 2: the Warp and the Weft gets new funding

Great news! In late February, the Woven Communities team – Liz, Julie Dawn and Steph – learned that we had been funded by the AHRC to do phase 2 of the Woven Communities project. This means that we can take …Continue reading “Woven Communities 2: the Warp and the Weft gets new funding”

Grace Darling’s domestic baskets

Grace Darling’s role in saving lives after a shipwreck on the Farne Islands is well known and a National Lifeboat Museum has a collection of items associated with her at Bamburgh.  As well as the fishing cobble in which she …Continue reading “Grace Darling’s domestic baskets”

Newhaven Fishwife’s back creel

Newhaven Fishwife’s Back Creel  Wha’ll buy my caller herrin’? They’re bonnie fish and halesome farin’; Wha’ll buy my caller herrin’, New drawn frae the Forth? When ye were sleepin’ on your pillows, Dream’d ye aught o’ our puir fellows, Darkling …Continue reading “Newhaven Fishwife’s back creel”

Bannock baskets – some questions

Our recent conversation with Denise Franck – see last blog – brought up some new questions about bannock baskets. I had always thought that these were small bread-baskets, used to hold bread on the table at mealtimes. Go to many …Continue reading “Bannock baskets – some questions”

Grandma Hailstone’s well-travelled basket

Basket correspondence with Denise Franck, September 2015. ‘The basket … was owned by my Scottish great-great grandmother from Muiravonside, Scotland, possibly 1850’s. The basket was damaged, but I was hoping to glean some information that would help me understand our …Continue reading “Grandma Hailstone’s well-travelled basket”

Willow, horse harnesses and a gaelic saying

  Sometimes languages have sayings in them that originate from past times when life was different. Apparently the gaelic language has such a saying originating from when horses were used for transport and their harnesses were made from willow ‘Is …Continue reading “Willow, horse harnesses and a gaelic saying”

Making oak swills

swill course

Those of us lucky enough to get a place on the oak swill course in Arbroath in October were in for a treat. It involved new tools, techniques and materials to most of us. It was a fascinating insight into …Continue reading “Making oak swills”

Bringing the old baskets to the people

Baskets of the Hebrides talk. Bernera cafe.

As part of the Scottish Basketmakers Circle 25th anniversary celebrations, basketmakers all around Scotland held events for ‘Encircle Scotland’ day on 22 June 2013. My contribution to this day was to give a talk on the baskets of the Hebrides …Continue reading “Bringing the old baskets to the people”

A trip to Ness. The Comunn Eachdriaidh Nis collection

Comunn Eachdriadh Ness/ Ness Historical Society Collection, Old School Dell, Lewis

This collection is housed in the Old School of Dell in the district of Ness, Isle of Lewis. Ness includes many villages or ‘townships’. I visited this collection last week and it has only recently moved to this building. Apparently …Continue reading “A trip to Ness. The Comunn Eachdriaidh Nis collection”

Information from David Chappell

A recent email message from David Chappell, who had been looking at the site, included a photo of his great great grandfather James Yates from Culross making what seem to be round egg or shopping baskets.  Images like this are …Continue reading “Information from David Chappell”